Spa Services

Naturopathic Doctor and Chinese medicine practitioner, your guide in navigating the healthcare traditions to find the best formula for your unique health.

Mental health and addiction therapist supporting people finding their way to health and balance.  Group facilitation for support with making change.

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Naturopathic Doctor practicing integrative medicine and helping individuals improve their health through a more complete understanding of connection between mind, body, and spirit. 


products focused on health & sustainability for people and planet  

Ashiyu Foot Spa

Peaceful, simple relaxation.

Ashiyu Foot Spa

Ideal metabolic and detoxification support.

Infrared Sauna

Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Individual treatments available at the clinic.

In Home Care

Support health for all ages with in-home treatment recommendations.  

Plant Medicine

Behind the Stillwater Apothecary lives an abundant organic garden where our medicinal plants, pollinator friends and natural allies reside. 

 Zen Garden

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Holistic Family Healthcare


Natural Medicine

Within each of us exists the natural ability to create a healthy, balanced life.