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Events and Offerings

Many hands make light work, and together we create brilliance. 

It is our joy to create opportunities to share wisdom, experience and connection with a health oriented community.  Please join us for any of our upcoming events!

Elemental Alchemy

 Balance for You and the Your World 














Monthly Gatherings

Together or Online, each class will include:

  • Education of each months elemental wisdom for personal transformation

  • Exercises for seasonal wellness including Qigong, herbal medicine, nutritional guidelines, homeopathy, physical activity and more for collective health

  • Actions to carry out to assist ourselves and our culture to align with a balanced, vital world.


Monthly Exploration in the Balance of Mind/Body/Spirit

  • Do you wish for a better understanding of your body and it’s messages?

  • Are you struggling to keep a positive lens on the future of humanity?

  • Would you like an accessible guide map for navigating life’s challenges?

Dr. Sara Hart guides this seasonal journey with the 5-element microcosm of individual balance in relationship to the macrocosm of nature and our world.  From your organs to the cosmos, we explore both the modern and traditional journey of life.

Inspired by the balance of the natural world while drawing from the wisdom of ancient traditions including Chinese medicine, Anthroposophy & Ayurveda we can reclaim our ability to live balanced, sustainable lives.

Seasonal Celebrations

Join our events to be a part of a health-oriented community.  The more the merrier!

Android Jones Lyons Earth Day

Lyons Earth Day

Commit to greater balance for yourself and all living things this April.  During this time of social distancimng, keeping our eyes and ears open to what is happening to protect our health & planet is critical.  Joining networks and alliances that protect our right to clean air, water, public land and moving away from massive species extinction must rise on our priority lists.  Connect with us on Facebook to stay activated, inspired and learn the many ways you can build sustainability into your life today!

Qigong   Connect to nature ~ as above, so below ~ as around, so within.

Join Dr. Sara Hart from the convenience of your home for this exploration in movement and meditation. In the company of the creatures of Hart Family Farm, Dr. Hart guides participants in this gentle but energizing activity.

Qigong is also known as the shamanic dance, and serves as the foundation of all martial arts. It is considered to be the most activating physical exercise to support longevity. Qigong is half external movement, half internal exploration so every movement will be a different experience for each person.

Please join us for this ancient form of healing and self-care.

               Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10:30-11:30am through April 2020


This is a donation based offering.  $0. to $45. per class sent to

All proceeds will support our Community Supported Herbalism program of Stillwater and Hart Family Farm.

In today's world, the vast networking of goods sourced from around the world not only creates a tremendous amount of pollution but contributes to the global inequality of greed and environmental destruction. We can make a change to supporting local economy, creating a focus on regenerative agriculture in our region and at the same time tackle the reduction of the incredible stress of human impact on this planet. Eat local food, use local medicine and form a deeper relationship with your Earth by nourishing yourself sustainably.

Our goal at Hart Family Farm and Stillwater is to grow as many of our herbal medicines locally and sustainably following the guidelines of regenerative agriculture and permaculture principles. You can learn more about us here:

You must register to receive the code for the zoom link to join. Please see the "Schedule Now" link below to our Schedulicity Calendar and search classes for Qigong.

      I am in the universe, the universe is within me,

      I am one with the universe...

It's time to gather & work together




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